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Modified on: Tue, 5 Oct, 2021 at 11:23 PM

Please see the following methods about how to surf the decentralized web. We are actively in conversation with browser providers regarding native support.

  1. Opera for desktop and mobile (supports .crypto)
  2. Brave for desktop and mobile (supports .crypto)
  3. Unstoppable Extension for Chrome and Brave (supports all Unstoppable Top Level Domains)
  4. Unstoppable Blockchain Browser (supports .crypto and .zil)
  5. Add the Custom DNS to your browser
  6. Via a gateway URL, like the ones Blockscan or provide.

We have over 35,000 live websites. Some examples you can check out include:

  • dtube.crypto
  • kyber.crypto
  • pomp.crypto
  • ipfs-fps.crypto
  • jezstarr.crypto
  • vault74.crypto
  • brave.crypto

You can view all live websites on:

Or search for something specific on one of these search engines:

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