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Modified on: Mon, 5 Jun, 2023 at 11:00 AM

If you are having trouble with your Web3 site loading once you have added it to your domain please try the below troubleshooting steps:

Ensure you are on a supported browser

By default, browsers do not support Web3 domains as they exist outside of the Web2 DNS system. Browsers need to manually integrate them. Currently, Brave and Opera Crypto browsers support our Web3 domains by default so you won't need to do anything additional on those browsers. Our Web3 domains will resolve on desktop and Android with both browsers.

You can also add our Chrome and Firefox extensions to unsupported browsers. The Chrome extension will work on all Chromium browsers like Chrome and Brave.

Wait for the files to propagate

When files are first uploaded to IPFS they can take a while to propagate throughout the network. It is normal for a website to not fully resolve for two or three hours after first uploading.

Refresh your page

IPFS caches data depending on how often it is requested. If you have not visited your site in a while it may have dropped off some nodes. Refresh your page a few times to force the network to start caching the site again.

Pin your site in more locations

When you upload a site through our UI it is pinned to the IPFS network by an IPFS pinning service we partner with. You can increase the speed and stability of your site by pinning the files to other IPFS pinning services like Filebase and If you pin your files to other services you need to make sure your files are completely unaltered from the version you uploaded to our site. If you make any changes a different IPFS hash (CID) will be produced which will mean the network will see them as different files and not pull them 

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