Am I Eligible for a Refund?

Modified on: Fri, 18 Jun, 2021 at 12:38 PM

Unclaimed Domains

Unclaimed domains purchased within the last 14 days can be refunded as store credit or back to the original payment method. 

Claimed Domains

Claimed domains purchased within the last 14 days, upon review, can be refunded only as store credit, as mentioned in the refunds section of our Terms of Use. The refund will be issued only after we receive the domain back.

Purchases made with Promo Credits. (Airdrop).

Purchases with Promo Credits are non refundable regardless when they were purchased or the status of the domain, unless the domain purchased was supposed to be a protected domain.

Protected Domains
If you were able to purchase a domain that represents a brand or trademark, no matter when it was purchased, if it was purchased with Fiat, Store or Promo Credits or whether it's claimed or unclaimed, we will always issue a refund after it's been transferred back to us. We believe the only people owning these domains should be the brands themselves.

Please see this guide to request a refund.

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