Mint .zil Domain to Zilliqa

Modified on: Sat, 25 Jun, 2022 at 10:47 AM

For now, all .zil domains are minted to the Zilliqa network. Once we have updated the L1 to L2 Bridge all .zil domain owners will be able to transfer their domains to the Polygon network if they so choose - also, anyone purchasing a new .zil domain will be able to directly mint it to Polygon! This is great because you'll be using all integrations only available for domains on Polygon.

Keep the Keystore JSON file and Passphrase safe! Without these, you will not be able to manage your .zil domain.

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Minting to Zilliqa

  1. Sign in to your UD account and go to the My Domains page

  2. Click Free Mint next to the .zil domain

  3. You will be asked to either create a wallet or upload an existing Keystore JSON file, if this is the first time you're minting a .zil domain click on Create Wallet

  4. Type in your new Passphrase and then retype it under Confirm Passphrase, make sure to never forget this passphrase or else you'll lose access to the wallet and manage the .zil domain. After typing the Passphrase, click on Generate Keystore

  5. Stay on the screen until the Keystore JSON wallet file is generated, then click on Download Keystore. This will download the JSON wallet to your desktop (make sure to save a copy of it on the cloud or something)

  6. Now click on Link Wallet to connect the new JSON file created in the last step to your UD account

  7. Click on Upload Keystore File (.json) and choose the file you just downloaded (it's named Zilliqa_Wallet.json by default). Then enter the Passphrase and click Access

  8. You will be prompted to enter the Verification Code sent to your email, or input the 2FA if it's enabled in your UD account

  9. Then check the box next to I understand and click on Confirm to mint the domain

  10. Now the domain is being published to the blockchain. This process can take up to 10 minutes. You can click on Track Progress to view the transaction on the Polygon network or click Back to Domains to go back to the My Domains page

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