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Modified on: Fri, 22 Oct, 2021 at 2:26 PM

NFT domains are ERC-721 tokens (NTFs) on the Ethereum blockchain and Metamask is an Ethereum Wallet extension that works with most browsers. With Metamask, you can directly connect your wallet to, making it easy to store and manage your domains.

*** Note: This guide does not apply to .zil domains. Please see this guide.

Claiming is the process of pushing your domains from our database onto the blockchain and into your cryptocurrency wallet. Once a domain is claimed, the user has full custody over the domain. If you wish to use, sell or gift a domain - you must first claim it.

**Make sure you have added your Wallet Address in your Account Settings before you begin**

  • Sign in and go to the My Domains section of our website.

  • Click CLAIM next to the domain.

  • Click MetaMask to open the browser extension.

  • Agree to the warning that the action is irreversible and click Sign Transaction.

  • At this point, you have the choice between three options within the MetaMask windowClick Edit, and you may choose between Slow, Average, and Fast. Then, click Save.

  • Click Confirm.



General Tips

  • Web page must be refreshed after adding the Metamask extension.

  • Metamask wallet needs to be unlocked with your password before use.

  • If you have another “web3 extension wallet” downloaded, disable it before using Metamask.

  • Disable ad blockers.

MetaMask with Brave

  • As per general Metamask tips above

  • From the browser, menu top right select Settings, then Extensions option and change the dropdown option for Web3 provider for using Dapps from the default Ask to Metamask (or Crypto Wallets if using Brave inbuilt wallet). Refresh the page.

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