How Do I Purchase Gemini Custody?

Modified on: Fri, 1 Oct, 2021 at 11:03 AM

Not sure what Gemini Custody is or why one would purchase it? Click here to find out why!

As of now, Gemini Custody is only available to be purchased for unclaimed domains.

The price of Gemini custody is $150 per domain with a coverage of 3 Years.

In order to purchase Gemini Custody for your unclaimed domains, you need to go to the Gemini Custody Section in your unstoppable domains account and click on + Add Custody for domains.


The list of unclaimed domains will be displayed for you to select the domains you want to get custody for.

Gemini custody

Go to the checkout and pay for the packages with your preferred payment method.

And that’s it after the payment is confirmed, your domain will be sent to Gemini’s Vaults.

How to withdraw your domain from Gemini Custody?

As mentioned before, withdrawals happen once every six months. So you need to schedule a withdrawal from the vaults before you can manage and use your domain.

In order to schedule the withdrawal of your domain, you need to go to the My Domains section of your account, search for the domain you want to withdraw from Gemini’s vaults, and click on the button “SCHED. WITHDRAW”.


A confirmation window will pop up informing you when the Next Withdrawal is going to happen. Click on YES if you want to Schedule the Withdrawal and manage and use your domain in the nearest withdrawal, click on CANCEL if you prefer to wait for future withdrawals.


If the “SCHED WITHDRAW” button is greyed out or unclickable, this means that you have already set your domain to be withdrawn in the next withdrawal date.


Meaning that now you can proceed and setup the wallet the domain will be transferred to in the next withdawal.

Choose the wallet you want the domains to be sent when the withdrawal happens.

Make sure you are signed in to our website and go to Account Settings. If you would like to add a new wallet to your account, you may do so at this stage by clicking “Add Wallet”. Alternatively, if you would like to use a pre-existing wallet, click the three dots over the domain in question and select “Use for Custody Withdrawal”.



The wallet section will change to show a Gemini Custody icon next to its address, for you to know where the domains will be transferred to.


After completing these steps, your domains will be released to your chosen wallet when the withdrawals are processed.

Note that if there is no wallet set, the domains will remain under custody until the next withdrawal.

Thank you for supporting our vision here at Unstoppable Domains. We hope you are as excited as we are about the future of a free internet.

If you scheduled a withdrawal but changed your mind and prefer to wait for future withdrawals, please send us an email to requesting to cancel the withdrawal of your domain.

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