What if I Can't Access Unstoppable Domains to Manage My Domains?

Modified on: Mon, 23 May, 2022 at 4:29 AM

Once a user has minted a domain and published it onto the blockchain, it leaves our system and the owner takes full custody via their cryptocurrency wallet. This means that, no matter what happens to Unstoppable Domains, the domain will always exist on the blockchain under the owner's control.

However, what would happen to the tools on our website if we were to no longer exist? How would a user continue to manage their domain(s)? Well, we offer all the tools you need to manage your domain on an NFT domain. You may visit unstoppable.crypto for a fully decentralized solution that we can ensure will be around forever (currently for Ethereum domains only). Furthermore, you can manage your domains on Etherscan and Polygonscan directly.

While we have a vision for the part that we will play going forward into the Web3 era, it was important for us to live what we preach, and offer a way for users to continue using their domains should the worst happen!

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