Cloning almost any Ethereum Wallet to MetaMask Desktop

Modified on: Tue, 12 Oct, 2021 at 12:13 AM

With all crypto wallets it’s essential that you safeguard your seed phrases and private keys. 

Please see the article NFT Domains Security Guide and Best Practices which we published when .zil domains were launched.

There are currently fewer wallets available for .zil domains and the same best practices apply to all wallets.

Metamask, is often regarded as using a “12 word seed phrase” whereas some wallets like MEW use 24 words.

As shown above the green arrow refers to Metamask’s 12 word seed but when you start typing the seed you will see from the red arrow it actually also supports longer seed phrases.

Specifically it supports the 24 word seed phrases you may have from MEW wallets.

If you have .crypto domains in a MEW wallet and you find a 3rd party site like OpenSea that works better with Metamask you can clone the wallet as follows:

  1. Switch to a browser you don’t currently have Metamask installed on (or remove Metamask in your regular browser if you are 100% sure it has no assets).

  2. Install Metamask and when prompted restore the MEW account to Metamask with the 24 word seed (even though Metamask indicates it requires a 12 word seed).

You can actually import seeds in Metamask without a fresh installation of the extension but for many domain owners it’s less confusing to use the procedure above.

Please note Metamask is not a system wide application and installations in different browsers will have different seeds, keys and addresses. Ensure you know which browser and wallet you used to store your .crypto domains and always safeguard the seed phrase.

Finally, crypto wallets don’t actually contain any assets (domains or cryptocurrencies). The assets are on the blockchain and the wallets, including hardware wallets like Ledger, simply grant control of the assets to the holder of the private key within the wallet.

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