Import Almost Any Ethereum Wallet to MetaMask

Modified on: Mon, 8 Apr, 2024 at 11:05 PM

With all crypto wallets, you must safeguard your seed phrases and private keys.  


Before you start cloning any wallet into MetaMask, please make sure you do a backup of your wallets: the wallet you want to clone (let’s say Trust or any other wallet that you currently use) and your current MetaMask wallet.


Backup means that you need to note the Seed Phrases from your current wallet that you want to clone, and then also note the Seed Phrases from your current MetaMask wallet and write it down somewhere safe. They are the keys to these wallets, so don’t lose them and don’t share them with anyone.


MetaMask is often regarded as using a “12-word Seed Phrase,” whereas some wallets like MEW use 24 words.

1. Note your Seed Phrase from the wallet you want to clone (It can be Trust wallet or any other kind of wallet you use). Go to your wallet settings and take note of the Seed Phrase. Keep this written down somewhere safe.

2. Log out from the current MetaMask wallet completely once you have noted your wallets' seed phrases. You can also uninstall and reinstall Metamask to make this easier as well. Only uninstall if you have written the seed phrase down somewhere safe so you can recover the wallet later.

3. Import your wallet Seed Phrase into MetaMask: You will see the “Import an Existing Wallet” option once in MetaMask wallet: 

4. Once you press this link and accept the terms, you will see the option to enter your Seed Phrase together with the new Password for your MetaMask wallet. This will be your new MetaMask wallet, but the clone from, let’s say, Trust or any other wallet that you want to clone.

You can type in/copy + paste your 12 or 24-word Seed Phrases - MetaMask supports both ways. If your wallet has a 24 word seed phrase, please select that option in the drop-down menu. Specifically, it supports the 24-word seed phrases you may have from MEW wallets.

Once successfully imported, you can now use this cloned other wallet using Metamask's browser extension or Metamask's mobile wallet app to manage your NFTs including your domains. 


Metamask is not a system-wide application, and installations in different browsers will have different seeds, keys, and addresses. Ensure you know which browser and wallet you used to store your Web3 Domains and always safeguard and BACKUP the Seed Phrase.


Finally, crypto wallets don’t contain any assets (domains or cryptocurrencies). The assets are on the blockchain and the wallets, including hardware wallets like Ledger, simply grant control of the assets to the private key holder within the wallet.

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