Uploading .zil keystore to ZilPay wallet

Modified on: Thu, 1 Jul, 2021 at 4:51 PM

ZilPay wallet for .zil domains is fairly similar in appearance to the Metamask wallet and used to access Dapps like Mintable.

1. Install the ZilPay wallet for your browser with the following links FireFox, Chrome, Brave, Opera and Edge. Click Add to Chrome (or your chosen browser) as indicated below.

2. We will start by creating a dummy account in the ZilPay wallet as this then gives us access to restore a wallet from your existing json keystore file.

You will be provided with a 12 word seed phrase and you set a password for the wallet. Keep both of these secure in case you ever need to restore ZilPay to another device.

When the installation is complete you should see the following standard warning.

The ZilPay logo will now show towards the top right in your browser.

3. If you click the ZilPay logo in the browser it will show the dummy wallet we created (Account 0).

4. We can now start the process of restoring the wallet from our json file by clicking the logo to the right of the words Account 0.

Then click the restore icon to the left of the + icon.

Select Keystore option and click Choose File to locate your json file on your device. By default, the filename for the .zil domains on your device will be Zilliqa_Wallet.json and dated after the 8th July 2019.

Enter your password for the json file and then click Import

You should then be presented with the wallet that holds your .zil domains and labeled as Keystore 1.

5. If you want to transfer the .zil domain back from ZilPay to your json file and passphrase ZIL wallet, as required on our site for domain management, please use https://zilpay-b255e.web.app/unstoppabledomains

You will require at least 5 ZIL for the transfer and you will confirm the transfer with the ZilPay wallet.


Please note you will also require ZIL tokens in your ZilPay wallet to use Dapps like Mintable and the wallet address can be copied to your clipboard by clicking Keystore 1.

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