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Embark on your Unstoppable journey with our guide:

Our domains are new extensions (similar to .com or .net) launched as smart contracts on public blockchains. 
All our domains are ERC-721 (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain, except .zil which runs on Zilliqa.

While traditional domains are leased by a single authority, NFT domains are self-stored in a wallet by the owner, much like a cryptocurrency, and no third party can take them away or take-down its content. Our domains need no renewals; you can own them for life. 

self-custody solution is possible because your domain is an asset on the blockchain and stored like a cryptocurrency in your wallet. This custody method gives your NFT domain “super-powers” that traditional domains do not have.

Due to the self-custody nature of your NFT domain it:

  • Can be used as a universal username across apps and websites.

  • Cannot be seized by a third party.

  • Can deploy decentralized websites.

  • Can be transferred around the world in seconds without needing permission from any third party.

  • Gives the owner sole control and access to domain management features - adding crypto addresses for simplifying payments and pointing website content to your domain.

Click here to find what applications currently support Unstoppable Domains for each use case.

Now that you know what an NFT domains is, it’s time to get started!

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You can search for a domain using the search function on our homepage.

  • Use English characters and numbers only, no spaces.
  • Learn how to bulk search by uploading a CSV file here.
  • You can watchlist unavailable domains on our site and be notified via email when it’s released to the public.

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 Pay once, and you own the domain for life, with no renewal fees.

  • Here you can find the current pricing tiers for available domains.
  • We currently have 4 payment methods: Credit card, Paypal, pay with crypto (BTC, BCH, ETH, DAI, LTC, USDC), and pay.

    If you are sending a crypto payment from an exchange please be sure you are sending enough to cover the cost of fees and still have enough to pay for your order. 

    Some exchanges will take the fees from the amount you wish to send, which means if you do not cover these costs your order will be Underpaid.

Note: For payments with crypto, use Main chains only.

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For our platform to display claimed domains in My Domains, the wallet where they are minted needs to be connected in Account Settings.

  1. In your Account Settings, click Add Wallet.

  1. Sign with the wallet that contains the domains that you wish to appear in your account.


Every update on Ethereum based domains currently requires users to pay gas fees.

Our Layer 2 scaling solution coming later this year will remove these gas fees for our users.


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Claiming is the process of pushing your domains from our database onto the blockchain and into your cryptocurrency wallet. Once a domain is claimed, the user has full custody over it.

  1. After purchasing your domain, it will appear under the My Domains section of our website.
  2. Click the Claim with ETH button over the domain you wish to claim.
  3. Enter your 2FA verification code.
  4. Choose how to connect your wallet. (Check all suitable wallets here)
  5. Confirm and sign the transaction. 

    Note: For claiming Zilliqa (.zil) domains, you will be prompted to create or upload a Keystore wallet.


Domains will not be functional until you claim them, but you can claim them at your convenience with no expiration date. 


Any funds you receive will be routed into these addresses. Check all the supported coins here

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  1. Go to My Domains.
  2. Click on Manage.
  3. Add your cryptocurrency addresses in the correct field.
  4. Save and sign with your Wallet.

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For domains to work as replacements for crypto addresses, the funds must come from integrated wallets. Find which wallets, exchanges, and applications are currently live with Unstoppable here

  1. Go to the integrated wallet or exchange.
  2. Type the domain name in the recipient address field.
  3. Send the funds.

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  • You can create a website using our easy-to-use website templates and tools.

  • Alternatively, you can use a third party such as Mobirise (it's free), then save the website to your hard drive, then upload the files to and link the IPFS hash with your domain.

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  • We recently announced that Brave and Opera natively support our .crypto domains. We are actively seeking further implementations from big browser companies. For now, other browsers will require our browser extension or a small tweak to the browser settings.

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  • When managing your domain, you can click the Transfer tab to enter a wallet address to send the domain. We strongly recommend sending domains only to supported wallets.

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You can tag domains for sale on our site, along with a contact email address but actual sales are made via the 3rd party sites like,, or Mintable.

  • Marketplaces typically require gas fees for listing assets and charge around 2.5% of the price when sold.

  • Unstoppable Domains is not responsible for any pricing on secondary markets. 

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