Add Custom UD Token to MetaMask (Polygon)

Modified on: Mon, 23 May, 2022 at 4:43 AM

The following smart contract address is what you see on PolygonScan: 0xc37d3c4326ab0e1d2b9d8b916bbdf5715f780fcf - this is a "proxy" address used mainly for security purposes. The actual smart contract address is 0xa9a6a3626993d487d2dbda3173cf58ca1a9d9e9f (as shown below).

On Desktop:

Currently, the MetaMask web wallet (on the browser) does not have a section to view your Layer 2 collectibles. Alternatively, you can add our contract address as a Custom Token in order to view how many domains you have in your wallet.

  1. Make sure you have Metamask set up for Polygon (Matic). If not you can follow this guide.


2. Make sure the Assets tab is selected and click on "Import Tokens

3. Enter the following contract address: 0xa9a6a3626993d487d2dbda3173cf58ca1a9d9e9f ; 0 on Token Decimal and press "Add Custom Token" > "Import Tokens"

4.- Now, you should see the number of domains on your Metamask wallet:

On Mobile:

1) Go to your My Transactions tab. Then click the tx_id_xxxxxxx link.

2) Copy the Token ID

3) Go to your Mobile Metamask wallet and make sure you are on Matic Network. Then click "NFT"

4) Then click "+ ADD NFTs"

5) For "Address", add 0xa9a6a3626993d487d2dbda3173cf58ca1a9d9e9f and for "ID" add the Token ID you copied from Step 2. Then press "Add"

For now, the domain will show up with a picture of a string of numbers. This is temporary as after we implement a fix the domains will look normal in MetaMask.

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