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Modified on: Fri, 22 Mar, 2024 at 3:22 PM

Once a domain is minted to the blockchain you will be able to display a “For sale by owner” tag next to your domain in our website search, alongside a contact email address for a potential buyer.


To do so, go to the My Domains page and click on Manage next to the domain you want to set up for sale. Click on the Sell Domain tab and add your email address. Once published this email can be removed from your domain but not from the history of the blockchain. Therefore, only use an email you are comfortable making public forever.

After adding your email address, check the box underneath to list the domain for sale on the website. Then click on List for Sale. This will prompt you to sign a transaction in your wallet to publish the changes to the blockchain. Once the transaction is complete the "For Sale" tag will appear next to your domain when searched.


Please Note: It is not mandatory to add both and they can be added independently from one another but the domain will not show as for sale unless a contact email address is added in addition to marking the domain for sale.

For more exposure, as well as the ability to set a price/auction for a more conventional and automated sale, we advise taking a look at the following guides to learn how to list a domain for sale on third-party secondary markets:

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