Klever K5 Wallet Free Domain Workflow

Modified on: Sat, 4 Mar, 2023 at 4:48 PM

The Klever K5 Wallet can be downloaded to Android devices here. At the moment, the app is not available on iOS devices.

Claim a Free Domain on the Klever K5 Wallet


Step 1: Creating your wallet

  • Open the K5 wallet and tap on Create Wallet
  • Read through the disclaimer, click I Agree, and back up the Seed Phrase displayed on the screen
  • You will be prompted to type out the seed phrase again, after doing so you'll be viewing the Home screen of the wallet

Step 2: Claim the Free Domain

  • Tap on Buy your Web3 Domains on the Home screen
  • Review the features of owning a UD Web3 domain, or click Skip, whatever
  • You can now search for a domain name, the free domain must be over 8 characters consisting of at least 1 number
  • Click on the .wallet extension (or TLD, as we like to call it because we sound smarter) to claim it for free
  • Tap on MATIC - Main Account, enter your email address, and click Confirm
  • Well done! You've claimed a free domain!

Please be aware that at the moment you won't be able to manage your domain. K5 will do the necessary update in later releases to allow that feature. Until then, you can clone the wallet to MetaMask as shown here and manage the domain on our website.

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