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What are Badges?

Badges are a feature within your UD Profile page that translate your wallet transactions into achievements.

Since Badges are issued based on a wallet’s transactions, they’re super fun and easy way to build your portable, on-chain reputation just by supporting whatever projects interest you. The vision of Badges is to celebrate the entire, diverse crypto community. New badges will be added so you can reflect on your journey as it evolves in lockstep with crypto, NFT, DAOs, and the rest of the Web3 universe.

What Badges are available?

There are two types of badges. Ones related to your UD account and domains and sponsored badges for NFTs you hold. The list of badges is continuously growing as more NFT collections are sponsored and more TLDs for communities are launched.

Below are some of the many badges that relate to your UD account and domains that you could earn:

  • Web3 Domain Holder: holds at least one UD Web3 domain
  • UD N Year Club: holds a domain for 1+ years, new badge collected each year
  • Early Adopter: has ETH transactions prior to 2017
  • Triforce: holds 3+ UD domains
  • Octopus: holds 8+ UD domains
  • Dolphin: holds 50+ UD domains
  • Shark: holds 100+ UD domains
  • Whale: holds 500+ UD domains
  • 999 Club: holds a 3-digit domain
  • Double Digitaires: holds a 2-digit domain
  • Two letter titans - holds a 2-letter domain
  • 1 Letter Legend - holds a 1-letter domain

You will also collect badges depending on the number of domains you own for each TLD. For example, owning 1-50 .anime or .manga domains will get you a specific badge. This allies to all partner TLD's as well as new TLD's we release.

How to Collect Your Badges

Head over to your my domains page and click Manage next to your domain, you are now in the profile page. 

Scroll down and you should see any badges your account/wallet is eligible for. If you don't see any press the refresh button.

Managing Badges

Like all things Unstoppable, UD members are in total control of their Badges and can decide which ones they want to be visible to the public within their Domain Profile.

You can change which Badges are visible with just one click of the edit button.


Adding New Badges

If you have added a new eligible NFT to your collection or earned a new badge tied to your UD account or domains press the refresh button to sync your badges.

Sponsored Badges put NFT community members in control and offer a number of benefits to NFT collection owners and creators. For example:

  • Brand awareness: Attract fans, promote your collections and increase advocacy directly within your community—all while cultivating a thriving community of collectors.
  • Token-gated experiences: Create token-gated experiences for events, workshops, and other exclusive activities for dedicated community members using Sponsored Badges.
  • Analytics: Gain insights into your community and how to best engage with them with analytics from Unstoppable Domains – coming soon.

In addition, all Unstoppable Badges are easy to share. Simply copy and paste your profile link to your favorite social media channels to put your achievements front and center for the Web3 world to see. Don’t want to display your Badges publicly? No worries—you can always decide which Badges, whether Sponsored or earned, you want to be visible or private within your profile.

Easily create your own Sponsored Badge for as little as $9.99 USD. To get started, 

Go to your profile and click "Create sponsored badge" or 

Enter your NFT collection URL and click “Create badge” 

Add the badge to your cart

Proceed to checkout to complete the purchase

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