What is and How to Setup Reverse Resolution

Modified on: Mon, 31 Jul, 2023 at 5:20 PM

What is Reverse Resolution

Reverse Resolution allows apps, dApps and websites to replace your wallet public address with your Web3 domain. For example; instead of seeing a wallet address as 0x36519ed9C74fC58Ae36f1b9e81d487dD15932988, it will show your primary domain name (yourdomain.nft). This serves the opposite function of forward resolution, replacing your domain with your public address for receiving crypto payments.

How to Setup Reverse Resolution (Assigning a Primary Domain)

  1. Go to your My Domains page, click Manage next to the domain
  2. Select Reverse Resolution tab from the left-side menu
  3. Click Start Record Update and sign the transaction with your wallet

What do the colored crowns mean?

  • Blue Crown: A blue crown will appear after you have claimed the domain to your wallet. The icon is a hyperlink that will take you to the Reverse Resolution page.
  • Orange Crown: An orange crown indicates you have set Start Record Update for the primary domain

Note: Our system will only show one crown, even if you have multiple domains set to Reverse Resolution for multiple wallets. The domains are still setup for Reverse Resolution, but the crowns will only reflect the primary domain.
Important: Reverse Resolution can only be set for 1 domain per wallet. Reverse Resolution is automatically configured to mask the address of the wallet that currently holds the domain, enabling users and applications to look up your wallet using your domain name. You are not able to set a primary domain for any other addresses than that of the owner wallet in order to prevent imposters from pretending that they are associated with a wallet they do not own. 

Supported Domains

Reverse Resolution is supported on all TLDs except .zil and .crypto on Ethereum. If you would like to use Reverse Resolution for your .crypto domain on Ethereum, you will first need to bridge the domain to Polygon.

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