Unstoppable Email

Modified on: Fri, 8 Jul, 2022 at 8:08 AM

You can use your UD domains for private email communication by enabling email messaging for your domain, setting up a forwarding address, and sharing your new email address with the world. We call this Unstoppable email! 

Disabled by Default 

We value your privacy, so the Unstoppable email feature is disabled by default. If you want to use Unstoppable email, navigate to the email tab on your domain profile management page. Toggle the enable switch to turn the feature on/off at any time. You also have the functionality built-in to our UI to block emails from reaching you via your Unstoppable Email. 

Your Contact Information Is Safe

Unstoppable email uses an email proxy service to exchange messages for your domain's @ud.me address. External users can contact you using yourdomain@ud.me, and we forward the message to your email address. We also hide your email address if you respond to an Unstoppable email message to keep your identity safe.

Your private email address stays private. Messages will appear as yourdomain@ud.me when you respond to an Unstoppable email.

You Can Use Your Standard Email Client

When an Unstoppable email is forwarded to your private email address, it will appear in your standard email client. Every message includes a footer with the name of your Unstoppable Domain and a link to block future messages from the sender.

Be careful that you may include your phone number, address, and other personal information in an email signature. We can hide your email address but cannot change the information contained in your message.

Please note that this functionality is for receiving and replying to emails only at this time. 

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