Protected Brands Policy (Sunrise)

Modified on: Sat, 15 Oct, 2022 at 7:05 PM

A Note to our Customers (as of July 27, 2022): Please note that the Sunrise Period ended on April 19, 2022 pursuant to the below Notice.  All provisions of the Protected Brands Policy relating to the Sunrise Period are no longer applicable, and have been removed from this post for clarity.  Please contact our team at if you have any questions.  

Notice (February 18, 2022): The Sunrise Period will close 60 days from the date of this Notice, on April 19, 2022, with respect to domains on currently available top-level domains.  The Sunrise Period with respect to the .blockchain top-level domain will open on the date on which .blockchain domains become available for purchase, and close 180 days following the date on which .blockchain domains become available for purchase. After the conclusion of the Sunrise Period on a top-level domain, any trademarked domains for which a rights holder has not submitted a protected domain request may be released for sale. Unstoppable Domains reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, continue to protect certain domains associated with famous marks, notable individuals, or brands, after the close of the Sunrise Period.

What is a protected brand? Eligibility:

Protected brands are words closely associated with well known entities, products, or individuals. If someone other than the brand owner were to get ahold of these domains, there’s a high risk of fraud, phishing, or other types of brand confusion. Since there is no global database of companies, influencers, and brands, evidence of brand ownership will come from a combination of; active websites, the trademark database, and social media accounts. However, at this point we are only able to guarantee that we will protect trademarks registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

When multiple parties have a reasonable claim to a domain, it will go to auction, or the domains with the mark across our various TLDs will be allocated amongst reasonable claimants. These domains will not be available for regular purchase.

Why should protecting brands matter?

To onboard the next 1 billion users into crypto, we need to onboard the existing internet community. Over the past 25 years, companies have invested huge resources to build brands online. We want these businesses to embrace and adopt Web3 domains. If we don’t we will discourage users and companies of all sizes from joining the ecosystem. Due to domains being irretrievable once distributed, this problem must be addressed at the beginning.

How much will brands need to pay?

Pricing will be supplied upon request.  If you are interested in purchasing trademarked or protected domains, please complete the intake form here:  We will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Rolling out technology requires great care to ensure not just that the right product is built, but also that the product is used in ways that are positive for the world. Protecting brands is part of the journey for Web3 domains.

Since domain distribution is permanent, the problem needs to be solved now. While getting domain distribution exactly right is impossible, there is a lot we can do to protect brands — some of it manual.

We want Web3 domains to be used as they are intended — a radical tool for free speech and free enterprise around the world. If Web3 domains become a haven for fraud, brand impersonation, and phishing scams, it will slow adoption by many years. We want this technology to work for everyone as soon as possible. The world can’t wait.

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