Unstoppable Domains x Brave website building contest

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Unstoppable Domains and Brave have teamed up to build the future of the internet. To celebrate our integration, we’re inviting all Web3 fans, developers, and builders to come and work on the websites they've always dreamed of – and we’re giving away a total of $23,000 in store credit and prizes to the best projects!


1st place: $15,000 store credit + prize from Brave**

2nd place: $5,000 store credit  + prize from Brave**

3rd place: $3,000 store credit  + prize from Brave**

Honourable mention: Mystery prize


*Store credit can be used on unstoppabledomains.com towards the purchase of Web3 domains. It cannot be withdrawn into cash.

**Winners from outside the US will not be eligible to receive a prize from Brave and will instead receive increased store credits.


How to Enter

  • Create a site: To enter, create a website using a claimed Unstoppable domain. Once your domain is claimed, you can add an existing IPFS hash (if you already have a website on IPFS) or upload your HTML files directly from UnstoppableDomains.com. 
  • Build your site: Then you’re ready to launch a Web3 site (web3site?) and use it as your personal page, a decentralized Web2 backup, or anything else you can imagine. Don’t have an IPFS hash or HTML files ready to go? You can customize a template from Web3 web builders like Pazly if HTML coding isn’t your jam.
  • Submit your entry: Once you have created your web3 website you can submit your entry using the link here and below. Please note you must have your site linked to an Unstoppable Domain. Heads up – only one entry per person is allowed. Duplicate entries will exclude you from the competition. 

Please see the terms and conditions for further information.

Entry form


The contest will run from September 8th until September 23rd. Once the entry period is over, we’ll judge all submissions and choose a winner based on a number of criteria, including originality, aesthetics and innovation. The top three sites will receive Unstoppable Domains store credit and prizes from Brave, and the top 10 sites will be featured in a video on the Unstoppable Domains Youtube channel. Please see the terms and conditions here for more details.


Best of all, there’s no fee to publish a website with your Web3 domain. Unstoppable Domains covers gas fees for domains claimed on Polygon, and hosting your site on IPFS is free. What are you waiting for?



How do I upload to IPFS and link to my domain?


To upload your site, you can upload it directly to unstoppabledomains.com [guide] or use what is known as a pinning service. Two of the biggest are Pinata and Fleek. Both provide free and paid storage. Once you have uploaded your site to one of these services, you will be given the CID which you can then attach to your Web3 Domain, telling the browser where to go once someone types in the domain name [guide]. If you have uploaded your files directly to unstoppabledomains.com, you won't need to do this.

Can I enter multiple sites?


No, only one entry per person is allowed.


Can I use any program to create my site?


Yes, you can create your site using any program. We recommend pazly.dev for ease of use.


Does my site need to be linked to an Unstoppable Domain?


Yes, your site will need to be linked to an Unstoppable Domain to be eligible.

What is IPFS?

IPFS is a decentralised storage network with nodes spread out over the world.

IPFS uses content addressing which means each piece of unique content has its own identifier, the IPFS hash or CID (content identifier). Because IPFS uses content addressing, if two people upload an identical image it will have the same CID meaning the network is not having to store hundreds or thousands of copies of the same image for each individual time it is used.

IPFS shards files (breaks them up into smaller pieces) and distributes them across the network. If a site is getting a lot of traffic in one part of the world more nodes in that area will store parts of the site speeding up load times.

Building a web3 site for IPFS is different from building a web2 site. IPFS is not a web server, it is a storage system so you can't perform any server-side processing as there is no server to process anything. You also cannot connect a database so content management systems will not work on IPFS. That being said it is possible to build a site on a content management system but you will need to convert. the site to static HTML first [guide]. File sizes also need to be considered on IPFS. Large images, videos and audio files will take a long time to load and may not load at all when using a free pinning service (details below). If your site requires large assets you will need to consider a paid tier on a pinning service. You can also run a local node on your own machine however your site will not be accessible if your machine is off.

If you want some more information about IPFS in Brave check out their article here.

How do I build a web3 site with pazly.dev?

How to link a section to the top navigation


How to use custom colors


Experiment with multiple drafts (clone to draft)

Where to find templates and how to use them

How to clone a block

Add more blocks to templates

How to add icons on buttons, links and everywhere in text fields (use the free fontawesome icon pack)

*At the time of writing, there is a bug in fontawesome. After copying the code you will need to add a "b" to the code changing it from "class="fa" to "class="fab"

Did you know you can embed podcasts everywhere in the text fields?

How to embed Apple Podcasts

How to use the Pazly discount coupon - UD40

*For the duration of the contest pazly is free on a higher tier using this link. If, after the contest you would like to sign up to pazly pro for a lifetime subscription you can use the code UD40 for 40% off.

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