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Modified on: Wed, 24 May, 2023 at 10:22 AM

GM Polygon dapps and devs! Thank you for checking out Login with Unstoppable. We’re excited to provide $10,000 in prizes to Polygon dapps and are looking forward to what you’ll build with us! Join our community of over 575 partners and become Unstoppable.

Login with Unstoppable is a Web3 SSO that enables people to login using their Web3 domains and permission data in a user-controlled & privacy-forward environment. Unlike a simple wallet connector that only provides a wallet address, Login with Unstoppable enables dapps to understand their community, aggregate data, contact them, and leverage data for marketing and growth. 

Here are the prizes up for grabs!

$3,000 USDC - Most creative use case for Login with Unstoppable

Come up with the most original or exciting way to put user-permissioned data from Login to work!

$2,000 USDC - Best use case for domains within an app 

What can you do with Web3 domains in your app? Let’s see your best ideas.

$2,000 USDC - Most free domains claimed via Login by January 15th 2023

Help spread the good word about digital identities while letting your community get set up for free.

$2,000 USDC - Most unique logins by January 15th, 2023 

If you build it, they will come. We’re thrilled to see what will be the most popular login option for the UDfam.

$1,000 USDC - Most impactful utilization of Login Analytics  

With great data comes great responsibility. Who can identify the most interesting or impactful trends in their Web3 analytics?

Top Reasons to Integrate Login with Unstoppable:

  1. Seamlessly access user-permissioned on and off chain data, such as email address, Twitter handle and more
  2. View and sort data in real time to measure campaign performance while understanding and rewarding your community
  3. Leverage data for growth by letting your community share their contact info across Telegram, Twitter, Discord and more
  4. Distribute free Web3 domains to your community via Login
  5. Sell paid domains to your community and earn a revenue share
  6. Join our growing partner network and connect with our UDfam

How to get started:

  1. Fill out the Prize Round application here
    • Note: You must enter in order to be eligible for prizes. An Unstoppable Domains representative will reach out to you once you submit your information.
  2. View documentation and get your credentials to start integration here

  3. Join our private Discord support channel
    • From there you can verify your account in #verify by hitting “Start Verification” and following the instructions. Once verified, head to #help-center and ping @Community Mod or @Community Team and ask for the Dwebber role for Polygon Developers. A mod or Community Team member will give you the role and you’ll gain access to the WEB3 Hub where you can chat and interact with other developers in the community.” 
If you do not see two buttons below, please update your Discord app or open it on the computer or the web browser

Prizes will be awarded on 2/1/2023. Terms and conditions

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