Gift Codes

Modified on: Thu, 11 May, 2023 at 11:34 AM

The best gift is one you own forever. You're now able to buy Gift Codes that can be applied toward Web3 domains when you checkout with Unstoppable Domains. There is no limit on the number of Gift Codes you can purchase, and unlike promotional credits, Gift Codes will never expire. 

Whether buying for yourself or a family member/friend, Gift Codes bring you one step closer to your Web3 domain that can be used to commemorate everything from holidays, a project, or an event. Gift Codes are also a great gift idea for DAOs, NFT projects, and Web3 conferences or meetups wanting to engage their communities. 


How do Gift Codes work?

  • Give the gift of a Web3 domain by purchasing Gift Codes on Unstoppable Domains. Click here to purchase your Unstoppable Domains Gift Codes, or click the Domains dropdown on the Unstoppable Domains homepage, and navigate to Gift Codes

  • Gift Codes can be applied to any number of orders (do not need to be within a single/same transaction). 

  • Codes will be redeemed as store credits. See details on how to redeem here

  • Must have all domains in the cart at checkout.

Are there limitations on how many Gift Codes I can buy?

  • There are no limitations to the number of Gift Codes you can enjoy. Purchase them for yourself or a family member/friend to redeem at checkout on Unstoppable Domains. 

  • Unlike promo credits, Gift Codes won't expire. 

What about gift code value?

  • Gift Codes can be purchased at a minimum value of $10 USD and a maximum of $10,000 USD. 

  • The default Gift Code will be set to $100 USD, and you can update the value to your preference. 

The Unstoppable Promise

Friendly reminder that any Unstoppable domain automatically comes with all the benefits only Unstoppable Domains can offer:

  • No renewal fees. Once you buy a domain, it's yours for life.

  • More than 800+ integrations with your favorite apps, games, and metaverses, so your domain is useful across Web3.

  • Tired of gas fees? This sale has you covered with no gas fees on Polygon.

  • Create an unlimited number of subdomains based on your domain. 

Click here to purchase your Unstoppable Domains Gift Codes today. 

Happy shopping!

- The Unstoppable Team

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