What is Bulk Vault?

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Bulk Vault is a custody solution that gives you flexibility in how you store your Web3 domains. With Bulk Vault, we’ll secure your domains in a private domain vault created specifically for you. By adding custody solutions, we are excited to give people an easy way into Web3 and options for how to build their digital identities. You can read our blog post here.

What is the Bulk Vault

The Bulk Vault is an optional custody solution that keeps your domains safe by storing them in a custodial wallet with Unstoppable Domains. Your domains are claimed on-chain and verifiably owned by you, just like with a self-custodial wallet, but they’re kept separate from your other assets in a private domain vault. This helps diversify your assets, reducing the risk of hackers stealing your domain or making unauthorized changes – even if your own wallet gets compromised. The private keys to your vault are encrypted and protected, in alignment with industry best practices. You’ll have the option to transfer your domains from the Vault to a self-custodial wallet at any time.

During checkout, you would need to purchase Bulk Vault if you do not have an active Bulk Vault subscription already or choose other domain storage solutions like Self-Custody or our Unstoppable Lite Wallet. If you choose the free Self-Custody option, domains will need to be claimed to your own self-custodial wallet within 7 days of purchase. After 7 days, you cannot claim your domain to your own wallet without paying the fee for the Bulk Vault. 

Be Aware as of May 30th, 2023: If you hold your domains in Unstoppable’s custody, you’ll need to purchase an Unstoppable Vault or transfer your domains to a self-custodial wallet.

As of June 2024, as a third option, you can also choose to store and manage your domains using our MPC Unstoppable Lite Wallet for domainers.

Pricing and how to purchase Bulk Vault

Bulk Vault Price

  • $9.99 per year to store an unlimited number of domains

During Checkout, when buying a domain, there are 3 options to store your domain. If interested in Bulk Vault, you will want to select the Bulk Vault option at checkout with any other domains you may be purchasing. 

  • Unstoppable Lite Wallet: $9.99 per year, an MPC wallet solution for domainers where you can store and manage your domains.
  • Bulk Vault: $9.99/year, a custodial domain storage solution for an unlimited number of domains.
  • Self Custody: Free, you will need to claim your domain into a self-custody wallet within 7-days of purchase to manage and store your domain.

How to purchase Bulk Vault if the domain is already owned

If you have already purchased a domain and it is located either in the Bulk Vault or Claimed to a self-custody wallet, and you need to purchase a Vault subscription:

Already in Bulk Vault

Go to your My Domains page and select "Claim/Unstoppable Vault".

You can then choose to extend your Bulk Vaulting for $9.99/year. 

Claimed in a self-custody wallet

If you would prefer to move your claimed domains into a vault, 

  1. Go to your My Domains page > click Manage next to the domain
  2. On the domain's page, select 'Unstoppable Vault' from the left-side menu
  3. Click on 'Store domain' in the Unstoppable Vault
  4. Select the wallet for the address when prompted, Sign/Approve the transaction with your wallet

This process will usually take a few minutes, but please be patient during times of heavy network use. You can track the Polygon network status and gas prices here: https://polygonscan.com/gastracker

Once complete, your domain will display as Unstoppable Vault. You can move the domain between the vault and your own wallet at any point, as long as your Bulk Vault subscription is active:

How to claim domains to a self-custody wallet

Don’t want to keep your domains in a Unstoppable Vault? No problem! As always, you own your domains and can easily self-custody by claiming in your own wallet (if you need to set up a wallet, check out the 145+ awesome ones that have integrated Unstoppable Domains).

If your domain is in the vault with a subscription, or you have chosen the Self Custody option during checkout:

  1. Go to your My Domains page click on Claim / Unstoppable Vault next to the domain
  2. Once the page loads, click on Claim into your wallet
  3. On the popup Claim "domain name", or you may choose to bulk claim up to 50 domains
  4. Choose or add your wallet check 'I understand' > click Confirm > verify 2FA email/authenticator

We have many helpful support articles to assist with claiming domains to your own wallet:

What happens if I don’t claim my domains or opt into Bulk Vault?

As of May 30th, 2023, if you don’t self-custody your domains and Bulk Vaulting expires, you’ll still own your domains. However, you’ll need to pay for a year of Bulk Vault in order to claim or manage them in the future.

If you have any questions about the Unstoppable Vault or how to self-custody your domain, please reach out to us at support@unstoppabledomains.com

Thank you for being part of this journey!

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