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Modified on: Wed, 14 Jun, 2023 at 3:08 PM

Unstoppable is partnering with blockchain-based multiplayer racing project MetaRides to launch a unique collection of playable NFT cars that will feature unprecedented interoperability between dozens of metaverses. The integration allows car lovers to make their passion for cars part of their digital identity and own custom, Unstoppable-branded NFT cars that they’ll soon be able to use to compete in a multi-level racing game.

In conjunction with the NFT mint, Unstoppable will host a premium domain sale of 500 car and racing-themed domains, including cars.nft, motorhead.nft and automaniac.nft, giving car fans an opportunity to secure and own an elite Web3 domain to represent their digital identity. Anyone who mints a MetaRides car NFT will get access to an exclusive 20% discount code to use towards the premium domain sale. The premium domain sale will run until Wednesday, June 21st at 11:59 pm ET.

For full details, you can read out blog post here. 

Q: Where can I purchase a domain from this premium drop?


Q: Where can I mint a MetaRides NFT


Q: How do I collect MetaRides badges?

A: MetaRides badges will appear in your Unstoppable profile based on the following criteria:

"Highway Hero" - own 1 car + 1 Unstoppable Domain

"Auto Ambassador" - own 10+ cars + 1 Unstoppable Domain

"Whale on Wheels” - own 20+ cars + 1 Unstoppable Domain

Q: What is MetaRides?

A: Born on the blockchain in 2022, MetaRides is the creator of fully interoperable digital vehicles, environments and assets for use in its multiplayer game, MetaRides Racing, as well as in metaverse worlds and virtual experiences. The MetaRides genesis digital asset collection of “Pit Passes” provides its community members with access to ownership of unique virtual vehicles. Through digital asset ownership, MetaRides empowers its collectors to preserve and transport their digital identities to multiple virtual platforms. For more information, visit and follow @MetaRidesNFT on Twitter.

Q: Does the purchase of a domain from the premium drop entitle me to the MetaRides NFT that I see on the domain?

A: No, the domain does not come with a MetaRides NFT or an attached image to the domain. 

Q: I minted a MetaRides NFT, how do I upload this as my domain PFP?

A: You can follow this guide to upload your NFT as your domain PFP. This will be reflected both on OpenSea and your page. 

Q How many MetaRides x Unstoppable Domains car NFTs will be minted?

A: MetaRides will release an open edition mint of 1 million unique, Unstoppable-branded car NFTs, featuring multiple colors and body styles (base, sport and race), as well as an Unstoppable blue garage NFT.

Q: Your blog post mentions that holders of the MetaRides NFTs will be dropped an exclusive MetaRides Garage NFT. What are the criteria? 

A: Car aficionados who hold 10 MetaRides x Unstoppable Domains car NFTs and 1 UD domain will be airdropped a Garage NFT. 

Q: Can I show off my MetaRides NFT in my Token Gallery? 

Yes! They will appear under the "Features Partners" section. Here is a full guide on how to launch your token gallery. 

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