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Modified on: Mon, 6 Nov, 2023 at 10:59 PM

Why is Unstoppable Domains selling .eth domains? 

Our goal is to expand the overall Web3 community as the single one-stop shop for Web3 domains by supporting the most important naming systems and blockchains in Web3, starting with .eth.

We’re building a place to easily buy and manage all your Web3 domains and look forward to adding even more support for leading naming systems and blockchains in the future.

What are the benefits of buying a .eth domain on Unstoppable Domains?

Users will gain access to new functionality allowing them to easily and seamlessly purchase .eth domains, including: 

Domain vault: With the optional Unstoppable Vault, users can secure their .eth or other Web3 domain in a private vault managed by Unstoppable. This means users can purchase .eth domains without having to immediately connect them to a crypto wallet, and enjoy the additional security of keeping their Web3 domains separate from their other crypto assets. Domains held in a vault are fully owned by users, not Unstoppable, and can be transferred to a self-custodial wallet at any time. 

Auto-renewal: To alleviate the pain point of remembering to renew on-chain with Ethereum and to prevent users from accidentally losing their .eth domain, Unstoppable will offer an optional auto-renewal feature for .eth. Auto-renewal will cost a $3.99 convenience fee in addition to the renewal and gas fees, and users are in control of how long they choose to renew the domain.

Easy checkout: In order to make buying Web3 domains as simple as checking out on any website, Unstoppable will offer new options for buying.eth domains, including credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, along with Bitcoin and 11 other cryptocurrencies. 

Is Unstoppable Domains creating a naming collision?

No. All .eth domains sold on Unstoppable’s website are registered through ENS smart contract.

Am I able to use Promotional credit towards a .eth domain? 

No, it is not possible to use promo credit for .eth domains or .eth domain renewals. 

Do I have to pay gas fees for .eth domains?

Yes, Since .eth domains are minted to the Ethereum network, .eth purchases and managing the domain will include gas fees. You can review gas fees at checkout. 

If I purchase a .eth domain on your platform, can I still use it on ENS's platform?

Yes! You can still manage your domain on ens.domains and utilize all the domain features, including ENS integrations. 

Will a .eth domain purchased on Unstoppable have all the same features as an Unstoppable Domain?

Yes, .eth domains have the same functionality as other Unstoppable domains like transferring, claiming, adding crypto addresses, displaying NFT token gallery, Reverse Resolution, and messaging. 

Can I store my .eth  domain in the Unstoppable Vault?

Yes, you have the option to store .eth domains purchased through Unstoppable in the Unstoppable Vault. Only ENS domains purchased from unstoppabledomains.com will be eligible for Unstoppable Vault services. Currently, you can not remove the domain from the Vault. This functionality is coming soon.

With Unstoppable Vault, we’ll secure your domains in a private domain vault created specifically for you. Just like with a self-custodial wallet, your domains will be claimed on-chain and verifiably owned by you. Vault prices are $4 per year for domains that cost less than $100, or $10 a year for domains that cost over $100. You can also buy Unlimited Vault, which is $99 and allows you to park as many domains as you wish.

Currently, only .eth domains bought on unstoppabledomains.com can be stored in your vault. A full guide on UD Vault can be found here

Can I set up automatic renewals of my .eth domains on unstoppabledomains.com? 

Yes, here is a full guide on that process. 

I already own ENS domains, can I import these into my Unstoppable Domains account? 

Yes, here is a full guide on that process.  

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