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Modified on: Thu, 10 Aug, 2023 at 5:24 PM

Why can’t I claim my .go domain now?

We’re implementing a 90-day sunrise period. .go domains will be minted after the sunrise period, which ends on November 8th 2023. 

Why have a sunrise period?

Sunrise periods are the way that TLD launches work in DNS and give brands more time to secure their domains before they’re on-chain. Allowing brands to own their domains is good for building trust and the overall ecosystem. 

We want to be a good steward and protect brands, and we recommend this approach to other Web3 registries to bring standards to our space. 

When will I be able to claim my .go domains?

You will be able to claim and use your .go domain once this 90-day period is over. 

I already bought a .go domain from StorX Technologies LTD, what do I do now?

We will be distributing current .go holders the equivalent Unstoppable Domain. While there is no set date for when we will be distributing the domains, we will communicate how to claim your .go domain over the coming weeks.

Will there be any naming collisions? 

We obtained the rights to .go domains from StorX Technologies LTD, and .go is a 2-character Web3 TLD, which isn’t part of the traditional DNS system except for country codes, making it even less likely that .go would have a future collision with DNS. 

What happens if I buy a domain for a well-known brand during the sunrise period?

Domains for well-known brands that are issued to someone other than the owner of the brand during the sunrise period will be refunded and returned. 

For any other questions, contact the support team on support@unstoppabledomains.com

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