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Modified on: Fri, 1 Oct, 2021 at 2:41 PM

Not sure about what claiming means or why you should do it? Click here to find out why!

Please Note: Due to the congestion on the Ethereum network at the current time, a .crypto domain owner is temporarily responsible for paying the gas fee. Alternatively, you may wait until we implement our Layer 2 solution later this year to Claim for free.

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Claim with ETH

If you wish to pay the Ethereum gas fee directly with ETH via your claiming wallet, you may choose the "Claim with ETH" option over the domain under the My Domains section of our website.

We recommend claiming to a Metamask desktop wallet as covered in our User Guide, and you should take note of the following points:

  • Web page needs to be refreshed after adding the Metamask extension
  • Metamask wallet needs to be unlocked with your password
  • Metamask needs to be available for all sites (can be reset when not managing your domains)
  • Have all other web3 wallet extensions disabled
  • Have pop up blockers disabled

After paying the gas fee, you will need to sign the update using the respective method outlined in the How Do I Set Up a Wallet? Guide.

Other Supported Wallets for Claiming and Managing domains can be found here.


Claiming .zil domains is simple and requires the user to click “Claim” over the domain in question. You will then be asked to either create or upload a Keystore .json file and passphrase of which the domain will be linked, as covered in the How to Claim .zil Domains Guide.

Passphrases that you selected are 8 or more characters.
Numbers and special characters are optional.
Try num and caps lock on and off if you can’t access the wallet for your .zil domain.
Once a domain is on Zilliqa, only the wallet owner can access it, and this is what makes it “unstoppable.” By default, the JSON file downloaded to your device is "Zilliqa_Wallet.json" and is dated after 8th July 2019.

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